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Application Forms for 2015 Undergraduate Research Associates in Astrobiology:


Education & Outreach

Our Commitment

The Goddard Center for Astrobiology is comprised of scientists who are dedicated to increasing the awareness of astrobiology as a discipline worthy of being considered an educational pursuit. As part of our ongoing commitment, our team participates in activities designed to promote awareness of astrochemistry, and astrobiology in general, in our public school systems. Our major activities are geared toward bringing astrobiology into the schools through teacher training workshops.

The 2014 Undergraduate Research Associates in Astrobiology Program is a 10-week program for undergraduate candidates. The Research Associates work with a mentor and participate in weekly seminars, laboratory visits, and a field trip to Greenbank Radio Observatory. The UR-AA program culminates with a poster presentation and a brief seminar given during the last week of the program in a NAI Forum in Astrobiology Research (FAR) Seminar. More information on our program can be found at 2014 Internship Page.

2013 Undergraduate Research Associates in Astrobiogy:

(Left to Right): Maureen Palmer (St. Olaf College) Christina Nevin (Siena College)

Future 2015 URAA Students:

Pleae email your application to

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