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At a Glance  09.20.2006

In the summer of 2006, the Goddard Center for Astrobiology hosted the third group of students for the Summer Undergraduate Internship in Astrobiology (SUIA). As in the past, students were paired with mentors based on their research interests and spent a large majority of their time actually doing research. During the 10 week period, students toured several labs, including Applied Physics Lab, University of Maryland, and several GSFC labs. The summer also included a visit to National Radio Observatory located in Greenbank, West Virginia to use their 40Ft Telescope for an observing run.


The 2006 SUIA Students arrive at Goddard. Pictured left to right: Kristin Fristad (Macalester College), Shannon Tornick (Syracuse University), Jessica Haseltine (Abilene Christian University), Catherine Elder (Cornell University), Karen Horning (Florida Institute of Technology), Contantinos Makrides (Iona College)

_ The SUIA Students enjoying lunch together.
_ SUIA Students take a field trip to Greenbank National Radio Observatory located in Greenbank, West Virginia. While there, the students observed using the 40ft telescope.
_ While at Goddard, each week students got the opportunity to hear presentations on current research projects. They had the chance to chat with scientists and learn more about Astrobiology. Pictured: Dr. Michael Mumma, Director of Goddard Center for Astrobiology, giving his presentation, "Methane on Mars".
_ Catherine Elder (Cornell University) interned with Dr. Drake Deming (NASA Goddard). Catherine's research was on the secondary eclipse of HD209458b using Spitzer Space Telescope.
_ Kirstin Fristad (Macalester College) interned with Dr. Paul Mahaffy (NASA Goddard). She gave a presentation on Arctic Mars Svalbard Expedition AMASE 2006. Kirsten will continue to work at Goddard with Dr. Mahaffy during the fall before leaving to go to Graduate School.
_ Jessica Haseltine (Abilene Christian University) mentored with Dr. Derek Richardson (University of Maryland) on radial transport of particles in N-body simulations of planet formation.
_ Karen Horning (Florida Inst Technology) returned for her second year interning with Co-I Drake Deming (NASA Goddard) searching for extrasolar planets in Stellar Spectra.
_ Constantinos Makrides (Iona College) returned for his second year interning with Dr. Boncho Bonev (Catholic University - GCA) working on Modeling Water Fluorescence on Comets.
_ Shannon Tronick (Syrasuse University) returned for her second year mentoring with Dr. Danny Glavin (NASA Gooddard). Shannon spent her summer continuing researching chemical derivatization for GC-MS analysis of organic compounds on Mars.
_ James Doty, a high school student from DeMatha High School returned for his second year and was mentored by Dr. Jason Dworkin (NASA Goddard). His research this summer was the analysis of purines and pyrimidines in the CM2 carbonaceous meteorites Murchison, LEW90500, and ALH83100 . James was accepted at Rice University and will enter this fall.
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